Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey Guys, I found it!

So the current post is for you guys to post comments about things that you might want, need, like, or are interested in for Xmas!

This way people can get ideas for their Secret Santa!

As for me~

um..... maybe.....well there is....I could use.....

Yeah, sorry I got nothing, right now...Check back later!  Hehehehehe!

Post a comment below for ideas for not only you and your spouse, but ideas for the kids as well.

Now remember this is supposed to be fun. You don't necessarily have to give a list of specific items that you would like (though you could), but maybe give a list of interests to give your secret santa something to spark a creative idea from...

Let's get creative and find the Perfect gift. Sometimes those kind of gifts don't necessarily come in a box and are usually the most precious!

Okay, let's get those brains churning!!!!!