Monday, May 14, 2012


What's Up?

So, as Mark suggested, I've created a blog for our family to use to communicate in a more convenient way than facebook.

I haven't finished really setting it up, but I wanted to at least get the blog address out to you guys so that we can start talking to each other, or whatever, such as planning family group events, etc.

On the table.

Foss Family Disneyland Vacation August 2-5, 2012. All welcome to come join in the fun!

More to come as I get this site set-up.

For now, if you want something posted, just email it to me @, and I'll post it for everyone to read and comment on.

This should be pretty fun!

Love ya,


  1. So, first things first, we need to find a place that would work for everyone. Rachel said Gary likes Texas, Stacy and I really liked Oregon and Washington and I like Idaho and Montana too. Texas is a little hot for me but I am not against it Colorado would be awesome too, really anything with mountains. What do you guys like?

  2. Texas, maybe hot but economy is good and we could flourish there. I have been researching the Dallas area and I would be interested in looking in surrounding suburbs like fort worth maybe. Houses are beautiful and affordable.

  3. Sounds nice but do you want the hot weather, we would need a pool at one of the houses for sure!

  4. There are 3 big locations for L-3 (my work) in Dallas, so I am definitely down with Dallas!

  5. Im looking into jobs around the Dallas area. Fort worth seems promising for rentals and so does McKinney. Rachel has family in McKinney. Nice and low cost rentsls